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This is a premium job ad.
American (or British) Private English Teacher and PE Tutor (Basketball Preferred)
Valid from: Dec. 2, 2019 to Jan. 31, 2020     
Location: Guiyang
Job Address In Detail: Guiyang City, the capital of Guizhou Province
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
American (or British) Private English Teacher and PE Tutor (Basketball Preferred)

A large building material company in Guiyang, China, now one’s of the senior managers’ boy ( 13 years’ old ) needs an American (or British) English Teacher and PE Tutor (Basketball Preferred). If you take this job, need not worry about work visa, work permit and residence permit, the company will apply them for you.

Work place: Guiyang City, the capital of Guizhou Province
(Guiyang is a very beautiful city, Guizhou is the most beautiful province in China, if you have been there, you will know this. I think Guizhou is one of the most beautiful places in the world)

Job description:
1/ work as the boy’s (13 years old) Private English & Physical Education Tutor, if you’re specialised in Basketball, will be a perfect candidate
2/ Help the boy to improve his English and basketball skill
3/ It is likely that the child will go to university in USA or Britain in the future, so you should speak good British or American English
4/ if you have your own apartment in Guiyang, you can go to the baby’s home every day; or if you do not have apartment, the baby’s parents can rent it for you.
5/ about holidays, it’s negotiable

Qualifications & Requirements:
1/come from USA or UK (the United Kingdom), it’s a must (can speak good American or British English)
2/ young man (you will also be the friend of the boy) can play basketball.
3/ bachelor degree at least, master degree is most welcome.
4/ can speak some Chinese will be a big plus
5/ can live in Guiyang for long time, we want someone can teach the baby as long as possible.

Salary: open to discuss, we will pay you reasonable salary.

If you’re in China now, it’s better, if you’re not in China, also ok, we will be responsible for the flight tickets.

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