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Team Lead Researcher Wellbeing
Valid from: Dec. 2, 2019 to Dec. 12, 2019     Expired
Location: Shenzhen
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:

Your Responsibilities

Together with your team you will develop and validate digital wellbeing services and programs that help solve issues relating to health and wellbeing in contemporary society, based on medical guidelines and knowledge (e.g. regarding disease prevention, diet, activity, and hygiene). In detail this means:

Provide solid scopes for new scientific Medicus wellbeing coaching features based on a “hypothesis – research – prototype – delivery – testing & validation – production” flow, for your team to work with

Design, conduct and analyse research projects that investigate (i) general health promotion and disease prevention concepts, (ii) health-enhancing behaviours, (iii) effects of the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs as well as (iv) healthy nutrition programs

Supervise and support your team of scientists with the research and critical analysis of medical and scientific literature for these features & projects, and the consequent content creation based on that

Apply critical thinking to analyse contradictory information, formulate the best possible solution, and demystify the complex and conflicting messages in nutrition, health and lifestyle today

Prepare and support real-life testing and clinical trials of the developed wellbeing services and programs

Write original papers for publication in peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals

Apply for funding from government agencies and private funding sources, by writing research grant proposals

Your profile:

You hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Public Health, Nutrition Science, Sports, or similar and within the field of health & wellbeing

You bring significant academic and/ or practical work experience from your field of studies, preferably related to health education -either through coaching or writing about it- in the areas of wellness & fitness, nutrition, chronic disease management, behavioral health & changes, and/or occupational health programs

Any experience in areas related to weight management, tobacco cessation and/or stress management, as well as an academic or practical background in evidence-based coaching are a plus

You have experience in managing teams, and you enjoy to proactively network and forge links with collaborators

You apply critical thinking by using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of available solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems

Your excellent time management skills and solution-oriented mind-set allow you to excel at delivering projects of high quality on time

You always stay up to date with clinical and professional developments and advances in the scientific/medical field by reading relevant scientific/medical literature and journals

You’re almost obsessive when it comes to lean task management, paying attention to details as well as setting up and following processes

You have excellent written and oral communication skills

Your Mandarin and English is fluent (fluency in an additional language is a plus)

What we offer:

You’ll be part of an international, fast-growing and forward-thinking health tech company that aims to modernise the way we think about health

You get the freedom to execute your own ideas from the first day on. We do not only accept but expect your contribution to the bigger picture

You work with an international team with many years of experience building companies and products with great user experience

You’ll be working in an environment that aims to accelerate your professional and personal growth

You’ll get an attractive compensation package
Employer Name: Medicus AI
Employer Profile:


Medicus 是⼀一家快速成⻓长的创新型企业,致⼒力力于通过打造创新的科技产品,改变商业模式,改善⼈人们的⽣生活,为世界各地的患者和⽤用户带来健康教育 和积极的⾏行行为改变。


我们的使命是通过改变医⽣生和患者对健康的理理解,为当今⽇日益增⻓长的医疗 保健⾏行行业做出贡献。我们始终如⼀一地保护数据和隐私,坚持医疗和数据⺠民 主,并将伦理理经营放在⾸首位。


我们的产品智能直观,让⽤用户通过简单的故事获得更更愉悦的体验。我们围 绕患者和⽤用户打造有价值意义的产品,致⼒力力于改善整个医疗⽣生态系统中每 个⼈人的⽣生活质量量。


我们正在寻找那些聪明、有激情、与我们有共同价值观、愿意做⾃自⼰己引以 为傲的事情、具有创业精神、能够激发解决问题的具有创造性思维的⼈人才。

Meet Medicus

Who we are

Medicus is a fast-growing ambitious company committed to bringing health literacy and positive behavioral change to patients and users everywhere by building innovative tech products that transform businesses and improve people’s lives.

What we care about

Our mission is to contribute to today’s continuously evolving healthcare industry by changing the way doctors and patients think about health. We have an obsessive and meticulous approach to data privacy and protection, believe ardently in the democratisation of health data, and place ethical considerations above all else.

What we’re building

We build products that are smart and intuitive, tell a clear story, and are a pleasure and delight to use. We place the patient and user at the centre of everything we do, but build products that are meaningful and improve the lives and jobs of everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking for smart and passionate people who share our values, who are motivated by doing awesome work they are proud of,ready to do whatever it takes to excel, and who have an entrepreneurial streak that drives their creative problem-solving mindset.

Telephone: 021-61900630 Email:
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