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This is a premium job ad.
Family Assistant to General Manager (Overseas Born Chinese Also Welcome)
Valid from: Apr. 6, 2021 to Jun. 5, 2021     Expired
Location: Shanghai
Job Address In Detail: work from (your) home or in our company’s office
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
Family Assistant to General Manager (Overseas Born Chinese Also Welcome)

About Us:
Shanghai Taiyi Health Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on digital services and innovation in the field of medical and health care. with the goal of promoting the digital transformation of the industry, improving people's health service level and medical experience, and realizing intelligent medical services for both residents and medical personnels, the company is committed to becoming the best medical and health digital service provider and operator in China.

Now, we’re looking for a family assistant for our general manager, to assist family’s restaurant reservation/travel/overseas shopping/flight & hotel booking/ some English practice issues

Job Title: Family Assistant to General Manager
Office: work from (your) home or in our company’s office

1. Restaurant reservation for the general manager
2. Travel planning and assistance for the family
3. Overseas shopping assistance for the family
4. Flight & hotel booking for the family and the company
5. English study assistance for the kid (such as oral practice), not much
6. Some company’s office assistance work, such as business assistance and documents related work, but not important
7. Other simple tasks from the general manager

Requirements and Qualifications:
1. Fluent in English (should come from European countries, North America, Australia or NZ); overseas return Chinese also welcome, but English must be your native language (such as born overseas or go abroad before junior middle school).
2. You should be easy to communicate with, and with strong communication skills;
3. The best candidates should have more than 1 year’s secretary work experience;
4. Fluent in Chinese – it’s a must;
5. Can work in Shanghai full time.


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