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Valid from: Sep. 12, 2021 to Sep. 22, 2021     Expired
Job Address In Detail: 海南省三亚市吉阳区鹿回头滨河公园
Job Type: Full-Time
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你好! 我们正在寻找将加入我们国际网球队的网球教练。 我们是海南,三亚的外国人网球培训俱乐部,我们有丰富的网球经验。 工作地点:海南三亚。 工作时间:7.00-22.00(每周共工作40小时),每月至少休息2天。 额外的时间需要额外支付。 工资:10000元/月。我们提供正式就业。 我们需要良好的英语口语和网球水平 4.0-4.5。 我们的学生主要是5-12岁的中国孩子和成人初学者。 您将担任网球教练、体能教练和外籍教练助理,您将能够学到很多外籍网球专业知识,提高您的网球知识水平。 如果您有兴趣与我们合作,请与我们联系。***@***.***
Hi! We are looking for a tennis coach who will join our international tennis team. We are Foreigner tennis training club in Hainan, Sanya and we have big experience in tennis. Working place: Sanya, Hainan. Working hours period: 7.00-22.00 (in total 40 workings hours a week), minimum 2 days off a month. Extra hours are extra paid. Salary: 10000Rmb/per month. We provide official employment. We inquire good oral speaking English and tennis level 4.0-4.5. Our students are mainly Chinese kids 5-12 y.o and adults beginners. You will work as a tennis coach, fitness coach and also assistant of foreigner coach and you will be able to learn a lot of foreigner tennis expertise and improve your level in tennis knowledges. If you are interested in work with us, please write to us. ***@***.***
Employer Name: 海南大成体育管理有限公司
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Our company was found and running by professional foreign tennis players, had teach in Hainan for years. We are now located in Sanya. We got fixed customer groups and has a good reputation here in Sanya of tennis training. We train tennis skills and teach relevant fitness knowledges for individuals and groups, as young child as 4, from amateur to professional.

Telephone: 021-51039379 Email:
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