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This is a premium job ad.
Experienced English Teacher Needed
Valid from: Aug. 6, 2014 to Nov. 4, 2014     Expired
Job Address In Detail: Chengde
Job Type: Full-Time
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Experienced English Teacher Needed

If you’re good enough, you will be one of the managers of our training center, and have the chance to become one of the shareholders of the company.

This job is in Chengde City -- a very famous historical and cultural city, about 230 KM from Beijing (North East of Beijing)
Chengde Mountain Resort is one of the World Heritages.

Chengde Luo Su Culture Company, is setting up a new English training center in Chengde city, our English training center will be one of the earliest English training centers in Chengde
Our class will start from Oct or Nov of 2014

Student: children age 3-10, about 20 students each class
About this job: 40 hours per week
Course content: storytelling, singing, playing games, etc.
Base in: Chengde – about 220 KM from Beijing

This is a good chance to join a new business – we want an expert to join us, and to develop with us.

1/ an English teaching expert, at least 6 years English teaching experience, native English speaker – from UK, US, CAN, Aus or New Zealand
2/ at least 2 years children English teaching experience, love children, can play with them
3/ have Foreign Expert Certificate in China, have z visa in China
4/ want to work full time in Chengde
5/ someone wants to be a manager of the language training center, while not just a teacher

Salary: RMB 12-18 K / month

Please check our website to find detailed information

Best Regards
Employer Name: jobsitechina
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