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Teaching English in the beautiful city Zhengzhou China. Up to 3000$ salary take home.
Valid from: Dec. 7, 2018 to Dec. 22, 2018     Expired
Location: Zhengzhou
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
What should you know about our school:

Founded in 2009, First Leap English is a business unit of TAL (Tomorrow Advancing Life) Education Group (NYSE: TAL) and was created to provide much needed quality afterschool English training for children aged 2 – 15 years old in a fun, motivating, and entirely English speaking environment.

The company is flourishing and expanding across China, with over 30,000 students, and is recognized as a top 3 brand in the Chinese education industry.

2. What should you know about Zhengzhou city:

Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, is located in the middle of China. The famous Shaolin Temple near this city is the cradle of the Chinese martial arts that provided the inspiration for Kung Fu movies. Zhengzhou is a vital transportation hub especially for railways as many important railway trunks pass the city such as the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou to Lianyungang) and Jingguang Railway (Beijing to Guangzhou).
The city is a national historical and cultural city and also the first destination for any Henan Tour. The ancient city was the capital of Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th century BC) 3,500 years ago when porcelain and the Chinese technique of bronze smelting were comparatively more developed. A green ceramic glaze pot unearthed in Zhengzhou has been shown to be the most ancient porcelain in China.
For anyone interested in Chinese ancient history and wishing to know more on it, Zhengzhou is one city that should not be missed.

3. Salary and the welcome package

Salary for Non - BA teachers : 16000 RMB ( after tax / month )
Salary for BA + TEFL teachers : 17000 - 17500 RMB (after tax/ month)
Salary for teachers holding a BA in Education or BA in English : 18000 - 18500 RMB ( after tax / month )
Housing allowance : 2000 RMB ( after tax / month )
Flight ticket to China provided upfront
Flight bonus : 8000 RMB ( receive this amount of money with your last month salary)
Relocation bonus: 10000 RMB ( receive this amount of money with your 1st month salary )
TEFL fee reimbursement : 3000 RMB ( receive this amount of money with your 1st month salary )
Health insurance : 12 months coverage
Work permit, resident card, health check in China paid by the school.
Demo lesson bonus and teaching bonus and KPI bonus are available ( around 2000 - 3000 RMB / month)

4. Teaching experience at First Leap

Student age : 3 - 10 years old
Class size : 8 - 12 students / class
Teaching assistants are available
Curriculum and course book provided by the school
16 teaching hours, 16 office hours, 2 training hours / week

5. Requirement.

We are looking for 5 teachers who are :

Native English Teachers
Hold at least a BA degree
Have passion for education and love working with young learners

Welcome to join our team now !!! Send me your resume to ***@***.***
Employer Name: Angelina Hope
Employer Profile:

Telephone: 021-61900630 Email:
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