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Senior Architect
Valid from: Jan. 9, 2019 to Apr. 9, 2019     Expired
Location: Shanghai
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
•8+ years of professional experience
•Bachelor or Master Degree in Architecture
•Strong communication skills to work with clients and team members
•Control quality of whole project
•Proficiency from conceptual design to realization
•Priority for candidates with international working experiences

The responsibilities of Senior Architect position includes:
1) Implement the company’s missions and yearly development objectives;
2) In charge of integration and constant training of team members to improve their communications and professional skills.
3) Organize and lead architecture team to fulfill the architectural design commissions effectively and efficiently;
4) Make report to the design principal of the working process accurately and on time;
5) Make detailed project working schedules and assignment to each team member, and supervise the design quality and accuracy;
6) Ensure the design and service quality and the completeness of design and consulting commissions;
7) Formulate architectural design concepts and develop into final design documents independently, especially in the aspect of design creativity and technological innovation;
8) Make design presentation to clients;
9) In charge of improving the working process standardization of architectural design project, including standard CAD layers, plotting style for different type and stage of planning and design, and the digital library etc.
10) Evaluate the performance of junior team members; give feedback to them to improve the team performance.
11) Make necessary field trip and site investigation, data analysis and research etc.
12) Take necessary business trip for presentation and communication with clients outside Shanghai.
Employer Name: UrbanD.A.T.A INC
Employer Profile:
UrbanDATA is a multidisciplinary design firm practicing broadly in the sphere of urban planning, urban design and architectural design. UrbanDATA has taken part in a variety of international and local competitions. Some of our past projects include the concept development for the 2010 World Expo Pavilion; the planning and design of Ningbo International Business Area; the conceptual design of Kunming City; and the architectural design of numerous public, cultural projects including museums, libraries, opera house etc. Recently, we’ve participated in many urban regeneration projects throughout China, such as historic heritage preservation and historic shipyard renovation in city center of Shanghai.

Telephone: 021-61900630 Email:
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