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This is a premium job ad.
Warehouse Supervisor – Semarang or Denpasar or Banjarbasin
Valid from: May. 15, 2019 to Jul. 14, 2019     Expired
Location: Overseas
Job Address In Detail: Semarang or Denpasar or Banjarbasin
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
Warehouse Supervisor – Semarang or Denpasar or Banjarbasin

Company Profile
Digital China was split from Lenovo Group in 2000. In 2001, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and now has five listed companies. The business scope covers distribution business, system business, IT service, supply chain service, maintenance service and other fields. Shenzhou Digital Supply Chain Service Strategy Headquarters is one of the five business units of Digital China. It consists of two sub-services, Kejie Logistics and Kejie Service.
Among them, Kejie Logistics is a third-party logistics enterprise that provides customers with overall supply chain solutions and services. The annual import value is more than 1.8 billion US dollars, the annual storage and transportation value is more than 16 billion US dollars, and has 3,000 employees. In IT, communications, precision instruments, auto parts and e-commerce logistics field, Kejie is in the leading position in the industry.
Kejie Logistics has built a professional core team, forming 149 warehouses in 104 cities and covering 3,229 counties across the country.
Kejie Technology Service is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital China, which specializes in IT repair services. It was founded in 1995. Starting from the manufacturer's brand authorized maintenance service, it has established a service network that radiates more than 1,000 cities across the country. It’s providing service for many well-known companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Baidu, Qihoo 360, and Xiaomi.

Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor (or Manager )
Work Place: Semarang or Denpasar or Banjarbasin of Indonesia

Semarang: one Warehouse Manager and one Warehouse Supervisor
Denpasar: one Warehouse Supervisor
Banjarbasin: one Warehouse Supervisor

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the daily work plan, personnel arrangement, schedule control and on-site control of the warehouse, responsible for the management of daily work such as receiving, picking, returning, and reporting;
2. Responsible for completing the preparatory work for the establishment of the new warehouse, such as: site selection, recruitment, personnel training, etc.
3. Docking customer needs, formulating corresponding warehousing and distribution solutions, and being responsible for maintaining daily customer relationship
4. Responsible for customer satisfaction, ensuring that all logistics service indicators are achieved
5. Responsible for formulating and revising the management system for warehouse receipt and delivery, operation procedures, etc., and improving the various processes and standards for warehouse management;
6. Responsible for reasonable layout and management of the warehouse, reasonable planning of the storage space of each warehouse and the storage method of the goods, and the adjustment of the cargo space;
7. Responsible for formulating the accuracy management standards for the storage, labeling, fire prevention, theft prevention, moisture prevention and raw and auxiliary materials of various warehouse storage places;
8. Organize warehouse inventory and report, issue inventory and analysis report
9, responsible for warehouse damage control, quality and safety and 6S management

Job Requirements
1, 3 years of logistics related work experience, (5 years for Warehouse Manager position)
2, with management and operation experience of warehouses over 5,000 square meters (10,000 square meters for Warehouse Manager position), more than 10 employees (30 employees for Warehouse Manager position),
3, good English communication skills;
4, has a strong ability to work under pressure
5, skilled use of word, excel and PowerPoint and other office software;
6, proactive, responsible, clear thinking and team awareness.
7, Education requirements: College Degree (Bachelor degree for Warehouse Manager position)

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