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This is a premium job ad.
Advertising Planning Director - Shanghai
Valid from: May. 21, 2019 to Jul. 20, 2019     Expired
Location: Shanghai
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:
Advertising Planning Director - Shanghai

About us:
Shanghai RS Enterprise Marketing Management Co., Ltd.
Branding service is our core business, we use Internet marketing, offline multi-media resources, and O2O all-round social media to provide advertising and public relations services. By analyzing relevant data, we can improve the accuracy of advertising and public relations services. We are achieving corporate marketing services effectively by big data social media integration and synergy.

Our Business Scope:
Enterprise management consulting, business information consultation, conference services, exhibition display services, corporate image planning, design and production of various types of advertising, advertising agency

Office: near the crossing of Lou Shan Guan Road and Mao Tai Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:
1. Leading and organize the team to make the advertising plan;
2. Making evaluation analysis of marketing activities;
3. Corporate brand planning and promotion;
4. Maintaining good communication and cooperating with customers and the industry
5. Participating in market development;

Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in advertising, marketing, etc.
2. More than 5 years of experience in advertising planning, can lead the team to make advertising planning, corporate brand planning, marketing overall planning, network integration marketing activities and other related planning, or complete independently. You should have many successful cases;
3. Good communication, leadership, management and organizational skills;
4. Good customer negotiation ability;
5. Have team spirit and good professional ethics.
6.4A company background is preferred

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